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Blue Mountain Beach — Arguably one of 30-A’s least populated communities, Blue Mountain Beach has a splendor that is hard to match. Although there is no actual mountain to be seen, the name Blue Mountain Beach, at least according to legend comes from the blue Lupine wildflower that covers the “mountainous” sand dunes. It’s said that at dawn, the Lupine flower would create a haze and appear as mountains.

Known for its mix of 60s-era cottages and its modern accommodations, Blue Mountain Beach’s lifestyle can be as simple or glamorous as your heart desires. Situated by Point Washington State Forest, Blue Mountain Beach is naturally an outdoorsman’s paradise.

Whether you hike through the cypress swamps and pine groves in the state park or bike through the winding paths of the Timpoochie Trail, Blue Mountain Beach’s natural beauty will keep you inspired. Blue Mountain Beach is also home to three incredible lakes, each with its own beauty and thriving ecosystems.

Alligator Lake and Big Red Fish Lake are two of 30-A’s one-of-a-kind coastal dune lakes. Draper Lake offers some mystery to the area as the robust body of water has no public access points. Blue Mountain also marks the beginning of the Eastern Lake Hike/Bike Trail, which ambles through the rest of South Walton’s beach communities. To this day, Blue Mountain Beach remains low-key, and the resident’s like it that way.


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